Our Nine Core Value Award Recipients

The First Tee coaches across the eight Greater Miami Valley golf courses nominated their students for the Core Value Awards. They nominated students who they felt reflected the different nine Core Values. Here are the recipients:



Honesty Award:

Tyler Hauenstein, Birdie participant at Hamilton, for the quality of being truthful.






Sportsmanship Award:

Braden Copeland, Birdie participant at Hamilton, for observing the rules of play & winning or losing with grace.




Respect Award:

Jesse Troy, PLAYer participant at Indian Ridge, for showing regard for oneself, players, competitors & the golf course.







Responsibility Award:

Patrick Geshan, Eagle participant at Hamilton, for being accountable for one’s actions on the golf course.




Perseverance Award:

Ryan Gibson, Par partipant from Shaker Run, for being persistent in a goal despite obstacles.






Judgement Award:

Colin Mueller, Par participant at Community, for the ability to make a good decision after consideration.




Integrity Award: 

Jesse Ayissi, Par participant at Twin Base, for the quality of personal honesty & independence.


Courtesy Award:

Auvrionna Laird, Par participant at Kittyhawk, for considerate behavior towards others.