City of Dayton Golf Courses

Host of Dayton PLAYer and Par programs, league days and additional practice and playing opportunities for The First Tee families.

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Indian Ridge Golf Club

Host of Oxford PLAYer/Par and Birdie programs, along with league nights and additional practice opportunities.

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Miles of Golf

Host to Hamilton/Fairfield PLAYer/Par session in June and additional instruction and practice opportunities for participants.

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Potter’s Park Golf Course

Host of Hamilton playing days for PLAYer, Par, Birdie and Eagle level participants, as well as Friday night leagues and additional playing opportunities throughout the summer.

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Shaker Run Golf Club

Host of Lebanon PLAYer/Par, Birdie, and Eagle programs, league nights and additional instruction opportunities for all The First Tee participants.

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Twin Run Golf Course

Host of Hamilton PLAYer/Par July program and Birdie and Eagle lessons.

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Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Host of PLAYer and Par programs.